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Many countries across the world are promoting medical tourism and started recognizing it as their national industry. Medical tourism in Costa Rica is growing at a fast pace and many people from the countries like US, Canada preferring the country for its quality treatment with state of the art technology, affordable price and last but not the least to have a pleasure of enjoying the scenic natural beauties. Proximity of Costa Rica to US is helping in the growth of the industry.


People prefer Costa Rica because of its superior health care system and low, affordable costs.

Even the World Health Organization ranked the country 7th in the word and placed higher than USA as the country’s modern hospitals and clinics are adequately equipped with sophisticated high quality medical equipments and qualified surgeons with certifications from Europe and North American universities. Their efficiency in healthcare resulted in increase in life expectancy at 78.7 years, highest in the world.


Ministry of Health Department, Joint Commission International accredits the reputed hospitals in Costa Rica.

The hospitals accredited by JCI are located in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. They are Hospital CIMA, Hospital Clinica Biblica, and Hospital La Catolica. Hospital CIMA has three branches across the country and Hospital La Catolica has its own restaurant. Hospital Clinica Biblica has a special medical tourism department with its staff well versed in Spanish and English languages.


Costa Rica diversified from its reputation and expertise in dental surgery services. The other treatments include cosmetic surgery, general and cosmetic surgery, aesthetic procedures-skin resurfacing, botox etc, laprascopic and bariatric surgery, orthopedic surgery, addiction treatment and fertility treatment.

Compared to US, people can save from 30-80% of the expenses, depending on the type of treatment and surgery. Considering the above facts one can have a memorable medical trip to Costa Rica.