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Mexico is land of culture, people can see here the enrich culture, traditions, celebrations of special days as per Mexican Culture. Listings below are some important days of celebrations, festivals, and holidays. You can plan your visit to Mexico accordingly, if you want to see these holidays, festivals and its celebrations then plan your visit then. If you plan to go sight seeing then on holidays you can avoid, as attraction may be closed or it may have crowd, whatever be the situation this list will help you plan your visit to Mexico.

January 6 is celebrated as Dia de los Santos Reyes:

Mexicans celebrate this day by exchanging the Christmas presents. This is to celebrate arrival of three gift bearing- the wisemen to the Jesus Christ. The day marks as culmination of Christmas celebrations.

January 17 is celebrated as Feast Day of de San Antonio de Abad:

Religious day, on this day Catholic Church allows people to bring in animals inside church for getting blessing of God. ( I think this is such a unique day!)

February 2 is celebrated as the Dia de la Candelaria:

One of the festive of Mexico where you can see Mexico coming alive in colors, dance, and music and celebrating the blessing of seeds and the candles. This is religious holiday and there are processions which are taken out on roads. You will be able to see colourful, vibrant Mexico on this day. The best places to see the fest is are San Juan de los Lagos, Talpa de Allende, Santa Maria del Tuxla, Jalapa, Oaxaca. Hire car and travel around the places to see the fest.

February Carnaval:

There is a celebration of five days, which are official Mexican holidays. Celebration of Libido which happens before Catholic lent. Begins about weekend before the Lent, the dates are as such not fixed. The festival is celebrated exuberantly and vivaciously. There are parades filled with colourful floats, performances from exotic dancers, all around there is happy vibes and merry. Into the streets people revel in the celebration. Its held mostly in second week of February. But its advisable to check in dates of the fest beforehand and then plan your visit. The best place to see the Carnaval is in Port Towns like La Paz, Veracruz, Ensenada and Veracruz.

February 5 is celebrated as Dia de la Constitucion which is a official holiday of Mexico given for commemorates of Mexico’s constitution.

February 24th is celebrated as the Mexican National Holiday, honouring of the Mexican Flag is done.

March 19th is St Joseph’s Day or known as Dia de San Jose a religious celebration which is best celebrated by Tamulin in San Luis Potosi.

March 21st is celebrated for the Birthday of Benito Juarez: Benito Juarez was a National hero as well as a well known president of Mexico.

Semana Santa:

This is Holy week that is celebrated to end the forty day Lent period. Semana Santa includes festive Easter Sunday and Good Friday. When visiting Mexico during Seman Sants don’t get afraid when somebody breaks confetti filled egg on your head because this is custom in Mexico of breaking such eggs on family and friends.