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We have fascination towards aquatic animals, because they live in a complete different habitat then humans. Dolphin Discovery is one such place where you can enjoy along the dolphins. Dolphin Discovery is located in exotic location of Isla Mujeres in Mexico’s Caribbean. Dolphin Discovery is only forty minutes from Marina Aquatours, that is in the Hotel Zone of Cancun.

Dolphin Discovery is 10,000m2 of ocean area. The beauty of the place is also mesmerizing, vast turquoise blue waters, fine white sand, framed by the swaying palm trees.

Dolphin Discovery’s whole place is so designed where in dolphins are well taken care of. Such is the arrangement that dolphins feel at home as they are in their natural surroundings. Importance is given to dolphin’s safety as well.

At Dolphin Discovery there are comfortable lounging chairs, for you to relax, enjoy the surroundings, taste exotic sea food, tasty delicious dishes, beverages and swim and get your feet wet in crashing sound of waves. There are sea fountains which are so splendid. Over the pier you can see dolphins playing. Dolphins are said to be intelligent. They learn fast and over the times they even develop emotions for person. Have unique experiences with sharks and even rays. And swim with dolphins is gem of all activities. Swim with dolphins programs is loved by so many people that people come over from far off at this place. Also exploring the island is yet another exciting thing to do in Dolphin Discovery. Landscape is more beautiful than postcard beauty.

Garaffon Park dedicated as a special area for ecology and showcase of lush nature. This tropical delight of Mexico has other activities like snorkelling and kayaking. In snorkelling you will be putting on mask and share the water space with sharks! Well don’t be perplexed as its safe cause you will be behind Plexiglas wall, a plastic wall which is transparent, and resistant. You swim seeing them. Kayaking is also wonderful experience in turquoise water. Explore the island in kayaks yourself in the Mexican Caribbean. Also you can rent bicycle and take a ride through picturesque surroundings of beautiful island.

Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres Main Activities:

Dolphin Royal Swim
Dolphin Swim Adventure
Dolphin Encounter
Sea Life Discovery Plus
Royal Garrafon with Royal Swim
Royal Garrafon with Swim Adventure
Royal Garrafon with Dolphin Encounter

The place is dream come true, for all aquatic lovers, to see and enjoy with them.

Schedule: Open every day from9:00 am to 5:00 pm.