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Michoacan Mexico on the Pacific Shore is a wonderful state featuring the unmatched and cultural heritage in Mexico. In this article, I will take you on a tour of its UNESCO Heritage site that is none other than its capital Morelia boasting a coherent colonial-style throughout. Regarded as one of the eye-soothing Mexican cities, this capital of Michoacan Mexico is only virtually on the well visited route of the holiday visitors and so you can well stroll across the town without fear of the Bermuda mass. The reason why I referred Morelia as eye-soothing is due to its colonial as well as relaxing highlights such as 200 historical structures of pink quarry stone, calming plazas, and relaxing gardens all flourishing amidst nice weather throughout the year. Certainly, Morelia is for those who want to rejoice in local culture besides the colonial architecture.

Start your voyage by visiting a minimum of two ‘information’ booths in the square, where multilingual students really offer a great help. To get around the city, combis (mini vans) for 5 pesos are ideal on the backstreets as well as on the smaller roads. You just need to go in, catch hold of a handle, and take your seat before the driver takes off and before you give the money directly to the driver. Alternatively, taxis are also cheap, but get to know the price first!

In the downtown, stroll outside and within the baroque cathedral flanked by parks as well as gardens. The structure is giant spreading over two city blocks in area. Its architectural designs such as the tiled cupolas and flying buttresses captivate the mind, while the November’s local ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration stands out to be a memorable experience. A majority of the events happens after dark. I would suggest to come early and reserve a better seat here, especially around the square to enjoy the fireworks as well as performance of the choir outside each night.

Stretching vastly in the center of Avenida Acueducto, the aqueduct of 17th century is worth a stroll along, which once supplied water to this town. The next historic attractions are the Casa Natal de Morelos and Casa de Morelos, the homes of the Mexican War for Independence’s idol who was born in Morelia. Today, they are historical museums that show how Morelos contributed to the development of Mexico.

If you are in this capital of Michoacan Mexico; you just cannot leave without touring one of the calmly picturesque Mexican churches, Santuario de Guadalupe in white as well as gold trim and soft pink. This is a masterpiece wherein oil paintings of 17th century showing the conquest stories of the Spanish missionaries over the Aztecs. Also known as the Templo San Diego, this church is worth a visit in the November’s last week when the Virgin of Guadalupe feast is celebrated.

Benito Juarez Zoological Park is truly an oasis with its lake as well as diverse set of animals such as monkeys and polar bears. This is just the best for children and teens. It is open on all days of the year and demands an admission fee of 12 pesos per adult and 6 pesos per kid.

A day trip to the artistically quaint and tranquil town of Patzcuaro is worth, which is reachable in an hour via a bus. Well, this is the hub of ‘Day of the Dead’ tradition as well as of the authentic arts pieces. From December to February, I recommend to plan for a day trip to watch the migratory monarch butterflies, which throng the Monarch Butterfly reserves. Go with a private guide for 2,000 pesos including a full day visit for three people.

About the stay options, I would recommend Hotel Alameda in downtown for $40 and the historical Hotel Virrey de Mendoza (medium range).