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Art Musee du Chocolat is one of the most important tourist objectives in this area and is dedicated to the art of chocolate. Located in France, in the village of Lisle-sur-Tarn, this location is ranked 13th in the Paul Saissac ranking.

Art Musee du Chocolat features original works of master chocolatiers Michel Thomas Defoe. He, in collaboration with the painter and sculptor Marie Casimir Ferreraem Gautierovou Solsonaovou Madeleine and Martha, created unique works of art from the finest chocolate. In addition to their artistic creations in the museum you can also learn a bit about cocoa growing and processing. At the end of the tour, then you can try one of the remaining chocolate.

Next, Rodez is a historic city in France. Located in the southern part of the country, in the Aveyron department, the capital city is home for about 26 000 inhabitants. Rodez attract visitors mainly because of its scenic beauty and attractions.

Rodez is a small town, but a nice one at the same time. It has several interesting sights, which are also situated nearby town. Rodez offers also good conditions for shopping and dining. The most beautiful part of the old town is the section called Vieux Rodez. The whole city is dominated by the Rodez Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rodez), which is now a national cultural monument for the entire country. Facade of the West was once part of the city walls.

Other interesting sights include the Church of Saint-Amans originally derived from the 12 century. Inside you can see the tapestry of 6 AD, an interesting building is the bishop’s palace. History and art lovers can visit the local museum. Rodez first is historical and archaeological museum to learn everything about the city’s history. The second is the Musee Denys-Puech, which was founded in 1903 by sculptor Denys Puech. Here you can see various works by artists from this region.

Finally, Mourtis is a popular ski resort in the French Pyrenees. Located in Midi-Pyrenees, near the village Arlos at an altitude of 1380 – 1816, in a very beautiful area, the resort offers 20 pistes with a total length of 23 km. There are 2 black, 5 red, 5 sets of blue and 8 green ones. Transportation is provided by a car, 9 lifts and a belt. For lovers of classical training ski, the white legs are totally recommended.