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Mljet National Park, a wonderfully beautiful island located southwest of Dubrovnik, with its spruce forest, its olive groves and vineyards, belongs to the group of southern Dalmatian islands.

Mljet has two lovely sea lakes (created by karst depressions) surrounded by woods of Aleppo pine, holm oak and macchia, as well as small areas of olive groves and vineyards.

The island is just as rich in cultural monuments, among them being a Benedictine monastery dating from the 12th century located on the isle of St. Mary and sitting in the middle of the larger lake; the remains of a Roman palace, and a basilica in Polače.

Mljet National Park

Visitors can explore the island on bicycle or by car, or by canoe and kayak. The bays in the villages of Polače and Pomena are particularly interesting to yachtsmen.


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