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The Kingdom of Monaco is a country in western Europe. The state is set up as a constitutional monarchy. It covers an area of ​​1.95 square kilometers and has a population of 32,130 inhabitants. The official spoken language is French, but there are many citizens speaking Italian as well. The national currency is Euro, divided into 100 cents. The country is ruled by King Albert 2nd.

It is located in the proximity of the border between Italy and France. Monaco has a Mediterranean port as well, which is greatly appreciated. Monaco is a country in theory but because of its very small size it is mostly a town. There are three main attractive parts, namely Monaco Ville (the old part of town is the royal palace), Monte Carlo (north-east of the city) and La Condamine (west and north-west of the port city).

Monaco, downtown of Monte-Carlo

The Mediterranean climate that can be found here features very mild winters with temperatures reaching 20 degrees in December. Only 17% of the population was born here, the rest being French, Italians and other nationalities. The inhabitants of the country were exempt from taxes in 1865, which is the main reason why some of the people in the world are deciding to move here.

Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most prestigious ones in Europe. It was opened in 1861 and since then hundreds of thousands of tourists who even if they are not necessarily impressed by the luxury of playing and services here. After the Second World War when the casino was closed is the Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis in 1952 in Monaco casino and finding empty building he wanted to buy it.

Monaco harbor, Monte Carlo port

Then, the monarch Rainier the 3rd has not agreed so Onassis began buying up shares of SBN has to NSAIDs. There was a flourishing period as the Onassis casino has invested heavily not only in casinos but also in several hotels and restaurants in the area of the casino. In 1965, due to the different ideas of Admin of the city, the billionaire withdrew.

When travelling to Monaco, you can also visit a cathedral (Notre Dame Immaculee), and the Royal Palace, which unfortunately cannot be visited on the inside. All in all, there are numerous things you can do in this small country, despite its size, and you will surely enjoy the very pleasant climate that you will find when travelling here.