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Mont Saint Michel is an island located on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is the most spectacular image of France. Rising from the sea, surrounded by rock walls and towers that support a departure seems more like a fortified castle. Mont Saint Michel is one of the most popular tourist attractions in France gathering more than 3 million visitors annually, followed by Paris and Versailles.

The island is located in northwestern France in the Golf of Saint Malo, with access to the English Channel. Mont Saint Michel is located at the border between Brittany and Normandy, on an area of ​​900 square meters and a height of 78 m. The island is a village of about 50 inhabitants and a fortified monastery, a symbol of French resistance

Mont Saint Michel

English Channel tide is high variation, the highest tides in Europe can be seen here, especially in April and September. During low tide you can walk around the island, although this is prohibited and can be dangerous – while the water flow and cover the parking lot at the foot of the monastery, less dam-road that brings visitors directly to the fortress.

Tides depend on the attraction of the moon, which raise water surface and the configuration of its shores, as are those of the Mont Saint Michel bay, which emphasizes the tidal amplitude. At full moon, the attraction is maximum and so the tide. In these moments through the sea 15 km, twice a day, a wonderful natural show as much as it is dangerous for those who venture out without precise instructions to observe the area and become victims of water or quicksand.

Mont Saint Michel is in the midst of a pool of 40 000 hectares, crossed by three rivers-Couesnon, See and Selune-“washed” twice daily tides. Following construction raised the road linking the island of dry land, the natural phenomenon of Mount Saint Michel sanding basin has grown: Over 1 million cubic meters of sediment, equivalent to 100,000 truckloads, accumulated in the bay.

Mont Saint Michel France

There is also a place to stay and a great restaurant and also has a bar with a wonderful panoramic view, which are open all over the year. In Mont Saint Michel you can try some of the spectacular local specialties: traditional scrambled eggs, salt meadow lamb, Breton lobster, fish and shellfish bay. What is also impressive is the fact that some hotels will offer a wonderful view over the island and there is also a camping area.