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Welcome to the Musée Cernuschi which opened its door for visitors again in the month of June, 2005. It was closed for visitors for nearly three years while it was undergoing renovation. This is the second largest museum in Paris that is dedicated to collections from the Far East and is second in size to the Guiment Museum.

Lack of exhibition space necessitated this renovation. Visitors will be enthralled by its collection of Chinese art which is arguably the fifth largest of its type in Europe.

Visitors will be pleased with the fact that the renovation has been undertaken without damaging the original decorative ceiling moldings, the staircase, and the oak parquet floorings. There are nearly 12,400 artifacts in the museum of which 900 are displayed on a permanent basis.

Do not miss viewing the Chinese bronze collection from the fifteenth century BC to the third century AD. Included in this collection are the Han dynasty tomb figurines that date back to 209 BC. A rare collection of bronze artifacts is from the Liao dynasty whereas the pottery collections are from the Song and Tang dynasty.

Visitors should also check out the 3,500 collection strong Japanese artifacts that comprise of paintings and ceramics.