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Paris is renowned for many interesting locations for tourists and its numerous museums are one of them. Musée de Cluny is one among the many museums that tourists can discover in that city. One of its most famous exhibits is the tapestry of `The Lady and the Unicorn’ that dates back to the fifteenth century. Ask any lover of art and they will point out that this particular work of art is generally considered as one of the finest works of art from middle age Europe.

The structure of the museum is also worth viewing, especially when one considers that it is one of the finest existing examples of civic architecture of medieval Paris.

Even though this museum has more important tourist spots in its neighborhood, there is never an abundance of footfalls to it. This museum consists of 23 rooms that collectively occupy a fifteenth century gothic mansion and the Gallo Roman Baths.

Apart from the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries, there are several other exhibits in this museum including a number of Gothic sculptures from Notre Dame. Beside its awesome exhibits, the museum also boasts of an attractive garden that is a crowd puller. The nearest metro station is Maubert.