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No! They are not alive. Touch on the lifelike figure of John Kennedy or that of Charles de Gaulle and you will find out that they are just statues. If Madame Tussauds has fascinated you then it is time for you to check out its French version… Musée Grévin. This museum, founded in the year 1882, boasts one of the largest collections of wax replicas of famous personalities and historical events.

Turn the corner and you will discover the wax replicas of President Obama and Sarkozy. Such is the artistry of the figures that you might expect Charlie Chaplain to talk with you any moment.

There are a number of other attractions, the wax replicas apart, which make this museum famous all over the world. The mirage room is one of such attractions that are loved by people of all ages, especially the kids.

In case you have taken your kids along with you, ensure that they do not miss out on the mirage room and also the magic trick theater. It is obvious that none of you were alive when the 1879 French Revolution took place. However, you now have the option of viewing the same, immortalized in wax, in the Musée Grévin.