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Lovers of modern art will fall in love with the Musée Marmottan Monet, a museum dedicated to art. It features more than 300 post-impressionist and impressionist works by the renowned Claude Monet.

In fact, fans of this famous painter, who is considered as the founder of the impressionist style painting in France, will find one of his largest collections in the world, in this particular museum. Apart from this, there also are paintings by other renowned artists like Paul Signac, Paul Gauguin, Alfred Sisly, and many more.

Those who are interested to view the Jules and Paul Marmottan collection of furniture and art of the Napoleonic era can also find the same in this museum.

There are also quite a number of Flemish and Italian primitive paintings in addition to the Wildenstein collection of Illuminated manuscripts. Those who do not know about the meaning of illuminated manuscripts will be pleased to learn that this term refers to manuscripts whose text are decorated with the use of borders, initials, and miniaturized illustrations.

Tourists who are interested to visit this museum can do so via the La Muette metro station.