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It is strange when one checks out the number of museums in Paris. Just when one thinks that they have seen enough, another one pops out of the list. However, other things apart, you should not miss viewing the Musée national de la Légion d’Honneur et des Ordres de Chevalerie when you next visit Paris.

This museum is one of the national orders of merit, a honor that is awarded by the government to an individual or to an organization. The famous architect, Pierre Rousseau, was the architect of Hôtel de Salm, the building in which this museum is housed.

This building was initially constructed in the year 1782 and was ravaged by a fire in 1871. The museum, as it stands today, was initiated in the year 1925. Those who are interested to have a glimpse of the honors bestowed by France to its citizens, including knightly orders, decorations, and medals… from the time of Louis XI to the current period… can view it in this museum.

Those who want to check out the honors bestowed by France to foreigners can check out the same in a special section. Do not forget to check out the Napoleonic souvenirs. Apart from the items mentioned above, one can also find a treasure trove of 300 portraits. More than 3,000 books can be found in the library of this museum.