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Those who are conversant with art will undoubtedly know that Picasso had amassed a great collection of his personal work, which includes his completed masterpieces and sketchbooks. These and lots more are available for view in the Musée Picasso. Though there are several other museums that exhibit collections by this great artist, none of them can compete with Musée Picasso as far as its collection of paintings are concerned, especially those painted by the virtuoso after his seventieth birthday.

Take some time off from your traveling schedule to visit this museum because, this is one of its kind in the world, where one can find works by cartoonists of the 1950s who caricatured or mocked the works of Picasso.

Although there are a couple of rooms that have thematic presentations, most of the others follow a chronological sequence. This museum is a must visit for those interested in art, especially those who have a fascination for Picasso.

The displays of photographs, newspaper clippings, and manuscripts from the past provide a mine of information for interested visitors. Hotel Sale, the mansion in which this museum is housed, was constructed in 1656. This museum is just ten minutes walking distance from the Saint Paul metro station.