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Those who have a penchant for natural history should not miss out visiting the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle. This is perhaps one single location in the whole of the world, where one can find an interesting collection of stone-age collections including skulls of dinosaurs lying side by side with later discoveries.

Teams from this museum undertake several missions and then all these missions are exhibited in all their glory in the museum. Do not miss out on viewing the Guyana mission that took place in the year 1996. In this exhibit one can find the treetop sledge that was used to collect vegetal material from a treetop.

This museum tries to convey to visitors about the living world. The main aim of this museum is to acquire, restore, conserve and finally exhibit collections of living organisms. The total inert object collection of chemistry, ethnobiology, anthropology, prehistory, zoology, botany, meteorites, mineralogy, geology, and paleontology cover approximately sixty million specimens.

If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned fields, then it is recommended that you pay a visit to this museum. This is perhaps the tip of the iceberg as far as this museum, which wants to transmit its knowledge to all, is concerned.