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If wizards and witches are there in this world, then they need to have their homes somewhere on this Earth. Well, this March I could find this, which is the pretty coastal town of Catemaco in Mexico. It is the hub of witchcraft as well as witch-doctor profession. Although it is surely beautiful place to visit, it is at the same time very strange whose vibes are sensed much prior you actually start to enjoy in its peculiarly mythical atmosphere. Catemaco is the ‘Mexican Capital of Witchcraft’ as it is here where you can get a solution for any curse; supernatural cure looms at each step, witch hiring is common for knowing her powers, and herbal remedies spread everywhere for any of your ailments.

A special honor to the world of witches is given via the most bizarre Noche de Brujas, an annual celebration in Catemaco in March. Also known as the ‘Night of Witches’, this festival makes up for the most awaited celebrations pulling thousands of tourists only in the month of March to Catemaco. In a district that takes pleasure in being the hub of witches, March’s first weekend is noticeable by special ceremonies, gala events, and abundant supernatural advises for those who can spend some dollars for favorite witch. On all the lanes as well as streets of the enchanting city of Catemaco, you will come across different prophets, oracles, witches, and magicians making supernatural powers live!

Noche de Brujas promises to be an extravaganza of oddity hunters, provisional spiritualists, and some stern practitioners who believe wizardry to be the most powerful and so an authentic way of life. Roads as well as signs in shops direct one to the homes of the popular as well as not that popular magic healers and witches here. On the day of Noche de Brujas, you will find all these superpower people at their homes where you can go to discover their occult ways as well as ask about the cures of your personal problems. The only risk in doing so is that the witch or the magician should not be a fraud as his or her aim is only money. Yes, there is a growing dispute in this regard as some real Dark Arts worshippers are not happy to see the increasing business of this field.

When the ceremony starts on Noche de Brujas, you get to see an adorned stage of dance as well as song performances along with the side stalls vending a myriad of lucky charms. Flanking the stage, there are different tents of shamans where you can try out any of the common practices. For example, try a sort of cleansing (limpia) or tarot card reading for some 100 pesos. If you can spend more than this, you can be a part of a black-magic ceremony pulling a large number of audiences. However, if you want a shamanic favor, then meet then after the ceremony as that time is the most auspicious one when shamans’ powers are very high after mass purification.

Witchcraft traditions mix up with old beliefs, voodoo customs, and Spanish medieval traditions. This is revealed more broadly during Noche de Brujas that was started by a shaman (a brujo) by hosting a witchcraft convention in 1970. Today, hundreds of shamans, healers, and witches of Mexico arrive at Catemaco for attending a mass cleansing ceremony that rids them from their former negative energies.

If you are coming for this festival, the also enjoy other attractions such as a tour of Catemaco’s several islands including the Monkey Island that is the home of Thailand monkeys, a shamanic ‘spiritual cleansing’ on the northeast of the lake, and spa experience in mineral mud. I recommend reaching this town via San Andres Tuxtla or Acayucan.