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This national park, established as recently as 1999, encompasses the highest areas of northern Velebit. This wide area has remained untouched to this day, its ecological system well balanced.

Contained within the park are the strictly protected reserves of Rožanski and Hajdučki kukovi, the ”Visibaba” botanical reserve of Sibiraea Croatica, the ”Zavižan-Balinovac-Kosa” botanical reserve with rich, high-altitude flora, the ”Velebit Botanical Gardens at Zavižan”, Lukina jama (Luka’s pit) – the deepest speleological site in Croatia, together with several other caves (Slovačka jama, Patkov gušt), beautiful mountain meadows – Lubenovac – grassy areas beneath Vučjak, and the ”Zavižan” mountain lodge.

Velebit National Park karst formation

The Premužić path – the most attractive mountain footpath, runs through this area offering wonderful vistas of the sea and the islands, as well as views of the savage and wild peaks of Hajdučki kukovi and Velik Kozjak. This part of Velebit is mostly covered by virgin forest (c. 80% of the National park). Here is where black grouse can be heard and seen, and there are chamois, bear, wolf, lynx, and one can often see the golden eagle in flight.

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