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In the village of Osekovo, on the edge of the Lonja Field nature park, 65 kilometres from Zagreb, an estate has opened its doors to tourists. With a 5,000 square metre garden and an additional 20,000 square metres of space, the estate offers enough room for all visitors to experience life in the countryside and to view the collection of antique tools, where some of are older than a century.

Visitors can also get to know the world of farm animals, which will surely be of special interest to children, for whom interesting and educational activities can be organized.

The estate itself can accommodate large groups of visitors, and field education can be organized for school children of all ages. Visitors can come for the day or several days, during which the estate offers an ideal starting point to discover the entire region of Moslavina.

A tour of the region, hiking or cycling is accompanied by a culinary experience. Visitors can look forward to a wide range of traditional meals – grilled carp, pork or lamb, homemade cold meats with cottage cheese and sour cream, goulash, homemade bread, homemade pastries, strudel, cheese-cake, doughnuts and others.

The well-known wines from Moslavina are a great accompaniment to the food. The wines can be experienced through a tour of the wine-roads and a wine-tasting, organized by the hosts.

The village of Osekovo, only four kilometers from the centre of the municipality, Popovaca, is a well known nesting area for the white stork. The village has a rich historical and cultural heritage. It boasts remnants of the Villa Rustica, which dates back to the Roman period. The Church of St Anne dates back to 1729.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy visiting around 30 traditional wooden houses. A special natural site of this region is the Lonja Polje, the largest protected marsh area in Croatia, a nesting area of many marsh bird species, one of the largest fish spawning areas and a habitat for indigenous breeds of horse and pig.

Visitors can also take a tour of the village Cigoc, officially proclaimed the European village of storks on account of the large number of this bird species. Tourists can enjoy hiking in the natural surroundings, cycling along the bike trails, climbing the Moslavacka Mountain or touring the historical and cultural sites of the region.

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