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The landscape of this region is arranged in the form of hills that rarely exceed 400 m, representing the last buttresses of the Massif Central and Armorican Massif. Although it is named after the Loire region, this only passes through two departments, the rest of the river system being composed of its tributaries, Loir, Sarthe and Mayenne. The coast has a length of 368 kilometers and comprises two major islands, known under the name of Noirmoutier and Ile d’Yeu.

The region was created as a support area for ​​Nantes, the most economically developed city of the region. Heavy industry is very much present in it, and by being close to the Atlantic it is one of the largest shipyards in Europe. Also Airbus and Alstom (the manufacturer of TGV trains) have manufacturing facilities here.

The city of Nantes has strong ties to Breton region, and is the historical capital of Pays de la Loire. University town, Nantes is located at the junction of Erdre and Loire rivers. In here you can visit the Port of Nazaire, which was the first electronically controlled port in the entire country.

Nantes was developed from trade with Africa and West Indies. The city is famous for being the birthplace of the famous French writer Jules Verne. Some city neighborhoods are well known – Place du marketing (this is downtown, and nearby are the Place Royale, from the Quai De La Rue Fosse and Crebillon), Place du Bouffay (old Nantes, with many restaurants and bars) Talensac, Decre, Ile de Versailles (an island on the river Erdre. The whole island is a Japanese garden), Rue Crebillon, Quai of St Anne Foss and Butte.

Nantes was the capital of Welshman Namnetae tribe and then fought to maintain its independence against the Romans, Normans, English and French. In the Middle Ages it was the capital of the duchy Nant Breton, who knelt in front of the French crown in 1532. In 1598 Henry IV signed the famous Edict of Nantes here, which guarantees religious freedom and the Protestant faith.

With such a rich history and places that are definitely worth visiting, Nantes the French region of Pays de la Loire manages to stand out and impresses with a cultural richness. Therefore, whenever you get the chance to visit the country make sure you pass through this area as well.