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This French destination is famous for some very beautiful cities, especially La Rochelle. In here, you will always find something to do, regardless of your age or the reason of your stay. Because of this, you should make sure you do not miss this amazing destination when you plan your trip to France.

La Rochelle is a city in western France and a port of the Bay of Biscay. The city is linked to the Ile de France with a 2.9 km bridge, completed in 1988. The main attraction of the city is located in the heart of the Old Port and is packed with restaurants serving seafood.

The city walls are a perfect place for an evening promenade, while the old town is very well preserved. Since this port is too small for modern requirements, large vessels and fishing fleet now use the new port, Pointe des Minimes.

Another main attraction is the park known under the name of Futuroscope, which is a giant amusement park located in western France, near Poitiers. The theme of this park is represented by the media, the future of cinema and audiovisual techniques. Here you can see several 3D cinemas and some of the unique attractions in the world.

The main attractions are also available for those who do not speak French, using headphones. Some of them include the Bleu Nile Expedition (which translates to the Mystery of the Nile), ÉcoDingo (available only in French) and La Cité du Numérique (Digital City). The last one is a tactile adventure and due to the spectacular effects, the little ones will surely enjoy themselves while sitting on the chair of the theatre.

Other popular movies worth seeing are Les Astromouches (Take Me to the Moon 3D), Children’s World (Le Monde des Enfants), Cyber Avenie, Les Animaux du Futur and Magic Show. Every one of them comes with a unique and captivating story that is able to entertain everyone. All the movies contribute to the interactivity and attractiveness of the place.

If you want to visit Futuroscope Park, you should know that there is an entrance fee of 21 euro applicable only for adults. However, children and students benefit from an impressive discount and will be able to access and enjoy all the features for only 16 euros. Finally, the price varies according to the season during which you decide to visit.