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If you have checked out the other bridges in Paris and have understood about their history and significance, how about viewing the third oldest bridge of the city? Smaller only to the Pont Marie and the Pont Neuf, the construction of the Pont Royal consists of five elliptical arches.

If you are more curious than the normal tourists are and want to know more about the levels of water under the bridge, the special hydrographic ladder will assist you to determine that. These ladders are set up on the last pier closest to each bank. View the bridge from a distance and it will seem as if it is curved.

This is actually an optical illusion caused by the arches, which are significantly higher towards the center of the bridge, thereby giving it an arched appearance. This bridge is located in close proximity to the Tuileries garden and the Louvre Palace.

Many tourists wonder how this bridge got its name. The fact that King Louis XIV funded its construction has added the term `royal’ to this bridge that was constructed between the years 1685 and 1689. Few people are aware of the fact that this stone bridge was originally planned to be a wooden toll bridge.