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Quebec is one of the best destinations in the whole of North America. The city has a number of influences from Europe that gives you a great taste of Europe while in North America. Quebec, the province has the city as its capital. It can be accessed quite easily from Montreal. It can be accessed by a short flight from any city in eastern Canada or north eastern US.

The city is just about three hours from Montreal by car. The time at which most travelers visit the city is in the summer, when there are travelers from all over the world coming here. The city is also being increasingly visited by travelers from all over the United States as well as Europe. It is now also a popular port of call with many cruise ships that sail from ports in eastern United States.

Quebec is filled with attractions for the discerning traveler. There are a huge number of top notch destinations on offer for travelers. The natural beauty of the city is one of its most visible selling points. There are a range of attractions on offer here. The old quarters of the city is where it is most charming with elegant restaurants, art galleries, bistros, museums, retail shops, cafes, bistros and more. The Chateau Frontenac is one of the highlights of Quebec. It is a huge hotel that resembles a medieval chateau.