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Valence is a village in southeastern France and one of the most important attractions in the area known under the name of Rhône-Alpes. It is located in the east, at a distance of 40 km compared to the city of Montélimar, famous for the production of pralines. Currently, Valence has a population of 65,000. It is a very attractive destination for numerous tourists, mainly because in here you can find many historical monuments, as well as pleasant cafes and restaurants.

The city of Valence is mainly attractive for being one of the oldest cities in the area and for being very well preserved. Some of the most attractive places include: the Cathedral of St. Apollinaris, established in 1095, Church Église St-Jean in the old part of the Côtes. Sites like St Martin and Sylvie remind everyone of many other significant figures in French and European history.

Other places of interested located in Valence include, for example, the one called Maison des Têtes, Renaissance Palace and Palace Grand Rue 57 and Rue Maison Dupré-Latour at Pérollerie. Whenever you arrive into the square of Ormeaux, you can visit Musée de Valence, which has a collection of art pieces that were designed by some of the most famous local artists. Other items worth mentioning about are the archaeological discoveries in the area. If you are looking to relax when visiting Valance, you should most definitely start by visiting the park of Jouvet.

Valence is characterized by cozy cafes and restaurants. Some of the most famous places for visitors are Le Bistrot des Clercs (menu 19 euros), L’Épicerie (located in a beautiful and historic; dishes from 22 to 39 euros), Père Joseph (serves traditional French cuisine, prices start from 23 euros) and Pic, which is one of the most expensive ones.

Another major attraction of Rhône-Alpes is known as Lac du Bourget and is the largest and deepest lake in France. What is really interesting is that until recently a fish called bezoule (Coregonus bezola) has lived here, which was recently reported as sighted only in this lake and nowhere else in the world. Unfortunately, however, recent reports point out to a possible disappearance of the species.

All in all, you are totally recommended to visit the area of Rhône-Alpes the next time you travel to France. Because of the numerous objectives, you will never regret doing this and you will enjoy yourself.