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Ria Formosa lagoon also known as Parque Natural de Ria Formosa is group of Islands in Portugal that are attached to the sea through 6 water inlets. The lagoon that is found in the middle of Quinta do Lago and Cacela Velha in central Algarve on the south of Portugal. There lagoon known as the Ria Formosa attracts a large number of tourists as it is one of the most beautiful natural harbors in Portugal with a favorable climatic condition with no recorded extreme temperatures whatsoever.

Ria Formosa is a designed natural park with its main attraction being birds, crustaceans and plant life. Among the different types of bird that any tourist visiting the region might encounter include flamingos, storks, king fisher, dwarf sea swallows, tailor birds, common hawthorns, water cocks, grey plovers, caimans, ducks and hunting kestrels. The high population of birds in the region speaks out the fact that Ria Formosa is one of the few places in Portugal with a high number of different types of birds all at one place.

natural reserve park of Ria Formosa in Algarve

Ria Formosa is also famous for its sandy beaches mostly because they are always sunny throughout the year with the winters being mild and the summer is not so hot. Some of the beaches that are well known in Ria Formosa include Faro Island, Cacela Velha, Tavira Island, Vale do Lobo, Culatra, Manta Rota and Cabanas de Tavira.

Tourist visiting the place might as well visit the two cities that are situated in the main part of Ria Formosa namely Olhao and Faro. With Olhao being a fishing port on the North east corner of Ria Formosa and has well known as the place of breeding for the water dog for the last 1600 years. Faro is a beautiful city located on the North West of Ria Formosa and was declared the capital of Algrave but then it was destroyed in 1775 by a tsunami earthquake. There are also small villages worth checking out located in Ria Famosa.

Transportation is available by any means necessary. Forms of transportation present in the town include water transportation, air transportation, rail transportation and of course road transportation. Air transportation is facilitated by Faro International Airport terminal while rail transportation is served by the train station in Fora which operates daily trips from Fora to Lisboa. Water transport can be accessed through the services of a ferry between Vila Real de Santo Antonio and to Ayamonte in Spain. Bus and taxi services to Ria Formosa are mostly offered near the airport and the train station. Ria Formosa is like heaven of nature where anybody can fully enjoy the place with its remarkable sights.