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Risnjak National Park is located very close to Rijeka, extends all the way to the Slovenian border. This wide area comprises a whole range of natural phenomena but not one single tourist facility, which makes it ideal for those who seek unspoiled mountain nature which shows is at its best when everything bursts into flower come springtime.

The highest peak is Risnjak (1,528 metres), and the lowest point at an altitude of 295 metres, in the Kupa valley. Here, in a small area, all the main types of forest in Gorski kotar are to be found, with a characteristic zonal distribution.

Risnjak National Park

Mountain beech forests, forests of beech and fir, of fir and spruce, pre-mountain forests of beech, spruce, juniper, the mountain grassland of both Risnjak and SnjeĹžnik, and the forest around the source of the River Kupa (a hydrological reserve).

The park has an abundance of protected fauna: wild cat, bear, lynx, wolf and large weasel, or stoat. There are also roe deer, chamois, deer, black grouse, golden eagle, grey falcon, wood owl, mountain owl, as well as other species.

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(photo: Hostein Colin)