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Rudas Baths is a Turkish-style bathhouse which was constructed during the 1560s by Sokullu Mustafa, the Pasha of Buda. The Turkish-style bathing culture became prominent in Hungary during the era of the Ottoman and lots of steam baths were established. Rudas is among the oldest and the most mesmerizing baths in Budapest and it still retains numerous Turkish bath elements. It also features a mind-blowing dome with octagonal pool. Lots of extensions were added to the building throughout the years and during 1896, the swimming pool was built. Although the bath was exclusively for men in the past it is now open to both sexes on the weekends and there is a women-only day during the week.

Rudas Bath can be considered to be among the most famous medieval Turkish bath in Budapest and it was featured in the 1988 action movie Red Heat which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi.

Rudas Baths

Visiting Rudas Baths

As soon as you bought the ticket to this bath, you are going to get a watch-like plastic armband which will give you access to a locker and a pool area, you will also be given an apron-like cloth. The sheet is good if you are planning to move from one pool to the pool and in the sauna. The armband opens and closes a locker that is assigned to you by just touching the lock with it. If you visit the baths on single-sex days, clothing is optional and you will see many people just go nude. You should ensure you come with a flip flops, a towel, and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

The baths feature thermal bath area which comprises of 6 thermal pools which have different size and temperature. The thermal baths are mesmerizing and the highlight is the octagonal Turkish pool which sparkles in the dim light beneath the dome. The temperature of the pool ranges from 42 degree Celsius to 16 degree Celsius. You are also going to find the dry and steam saunas close to the pool which offers stunning experience, there is also a resting area which houses deck chairs where you can relax.

Rudas Baths

There is a large swimming pool under the stunning two-story classic style building where you can swim. The pool water temperature is 29 degrees Celsius. The baths thermal water is also considered to have healing power. The hot spring that flows to the baths is rich in magnesium, sodium, calcium, sulfate, and hydrogen-carbonate. The thermal waters are recommended for curing degenerative illnesses of chronic and semi acute arthritis, joints, and calcium deficiency of the bone system. You can also enjoy physiotherapy and a wide range of balneal therapies and diverse massages here.

Rudas Baths offer a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else in the city. You can visit on Fridays and Saturdays when the thermal pools and swimming pool are open till late for nighttime bathing.

Travel Tips

Ensure you wear a swimsuit at Rudas Baths

This bath is not a nude spa and both the men and women need to wear swimsuits that fully cover their body. The bath does not allow Burkinis which often limit the Muslim women from visiting the baths. The men are allowed to enter the bath with a little apron that covers their front and nothing covers their backs. This is possible only when men or women are alone but you cannot go completely nude.

Head to the Rooftop Panoramic Pool for mind-blowing views in Budapest

The rooftop pool can be found on the top of the Wellness Department and this thermal spa offers mind-blowing views of the city. Since the bath is located right on the Danube and this giant hot tub overlooks the Gellert Hill and the city. The best thing is that the rooftop pool at Rudas Baths is usually warm with even being hot. Relaxing in the pool is very pleasant without it being hot or chilly. You are also going to find numerous lounge chairs on the rooftop where you can simply hang your towels and robe. When you get tired of the pool, you can simply lounge on the chairs or just go for a quick bite and drink inside.

Rudas Baths

Drink from the Free Water Fountains

You are going to find a wide range of magnificent and free drinking fountains around the Baths. The water is among the best water in the world and you should make sure you try it. The drinking fountains are very pretty. If you drink lots of water, try to bring a cup or water bottle with you so you can simply fill it up with water while you can take it to the steam rooms and hot pools.

Bring along a towel to sit on in the saunas

The saunas in this bath are magnificent and they have a varying temperature range from cooler aroma and salt saunas to hot dry heat saunas. You are also going to find a steam room with a wide range of showers and cool plunge pool to cool off. It is a customary spa culture that you must bring a towel inside the sauna for you to sit on. This is mainly because the sitting area is incredibly hot. You should ensure you do not leave your towels in the locker room or any other place in the spa because you will need it and you will see a sign which indicates the proper attire for a sauna and you should check before you enter a sauna.