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The climate of the French Riviera is known for its mild and pleasant temperatures, and Saint-Tropez makes no exception. In summer, when the sky is blue and the air temperature peaks, the beaches are stormed with tourists who are willing to relax and get a suntan. The climate is warm in June, and temperatures rise considerably in July and August, being influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. In July and August, the average temperatures are 27 ° C and can even reach 30 ° C.

The main activity of residents and tourists is, as expected, looking after people. In summer, visitors sit for a coffee and look after different personalities and celebrities or expect them to be seen themselves. In Saint-Tropez there is always the opportunity to meet someone famous.

St.Tropez at sunset

The port of the area has a wide cliff, excellent for walking. However, the noise of the motorcycles can sometimes be a little disturbing, but the many terraces, cafes and bars just invite you to enjoy the atmosphere. From certain angles of the port area you almost do not see the blue sea, boats and yachts density is so great that a curtain poles greatly reduces your visibility on the landscape.

Every year in October, a regatta is anchored in port. On this occasion, the port features classic yachts, some with lengths of over 50 meters. Everyone gathers for the show, some are from the city, others are in transition to Nice, Marseille or Cannes.

When it comes to the beaches of Saint-Tropez, you should know that they are considered the best coastal area in the country. In here you can enjoy 5 km of shore, which is the ideal place for sunbathing and tanning. Some beaches are chic and offer fashion shows on the beach, while others are quiet and relaxing, providing you with the chance of having coffee right at the water’s edge.

St Tropez rocky shoreline

Moreover, whenever you visit, make sure you also include the old quarter (with its whiff Monaco), stronghold, the port, the hills around the bay where you can see St. Tropez, small cafes in the port and the Byblos restaurant in your plans.

Possible trips in the surrounding area: COGOLIN Les Maures (wooded hills with pine trees located just 5 km away, where there is the so-called airport where they filmed the actor Louis De Funes many times). These are just few of the possible locations, however.

St. Tropez in French Riviera