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Santarém is located in Portugal’s Santarém Municipality. Situated on the North Eastern side of Tagus River, Santarém is famous for its most popular bullfight sports, bull fighting is the main sport in Portugal, and it attracts a large number of tourists who come to watch it. However, the city is not only a bullfight sports centre, but also a historical centre with valuable archaeological remains.

Santarem old town

The city’s history dates back to the 2nd century when the Romans laid the first foundation; it was later conquered by the Arabs 5 centuries afterwards. During this period, the city went through a civilization process, hence the transformation. In 1147, the city was taken over and administered overnight by a King who used of a small army. Santarém then became an influential royal city as many royal personalities were buried within the city. Most of the city’s memorial sites were destroyed by seismic activities in 1775 and further invaded causing further destruction. With time, the city improved economically in terms of production and to date it is an indispensable historical city in Portugal.

Santarem, Graca Church

Visitors can use different methods to get to the city such as air transportation, road transportation and rail transportation. Air transportation is facilitated by the nearest airport in Santarém but requires connections to get to the town. Train transportation is also another fast way one can get to the city. Bus services are also provided same as car rental services, which offer more flexibility than other means of transportation. Santarém has many remarkable historical monuments that will for sure be of remembrance to any tourist visiting the place. Among the magnificent monuments, one is certain to encounter is the Old Castle, an age-old place of worship that was completed in the 13th century and it houses a small archeological museum.

Santarem Tejo river bridge

Other sites one is set to encounter include various other places of worship that were built in the 13th century, which include the Cabaças Tower. Some other churches like the 16th century Church of Marvila can also provide fantastic sites to visit. The Church that is known as The Eucharistic Miracle of Santarem can also be found in the place. Bullfighting festivals mostly takes place in July and October nearby the Vila Franca de Xira and is bound to bring high pitch of excitement to the tourist. This city will offer just about everything to any tourist traveling there.