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Paris, France is very famous for its museums and monuments, food, and most definitely shopping. Some would say that Paris without Eiffel would still be good because of good Paris shopping experience. Shopping in Paris is fun because of the variety of products that this city of lights has to offer not only to its local but above all to its tourists.

Paris shopping offers a wide variety of charming shops to go to for your shopping spree; from antique stuffs to food and wine. Practically almost everything can be found in Paris. So, you better prepare your wallet because Paris shopping will take you to the many shops and boutique that you don’t want to leave without having a shopping from each of the stores you have gone into.

If you are looking for a way to make your visit romantic, try spicing things up with Scent & Silk. They offer great perfumes and amazing lingerie or discover lingerie brands on the left bank and the right bank of your budget- from adorable French chain shops to the newest handmade silks.

How about Paris shopping for wine, gourmet, and not to forget chocolate shops? Paris’ Très Tasty introduces you to the finest names in French food. Visiting both food and wine shops, you will find out the finest regional products that you can’t find at home like croissants & éclairs for now, and foie gras & truffles to be taken home. At très tasty, you can start with cheese and wine tasting or at O Chateau’s French Wine Discovery, or at Plaisirs du Vin tasting. Just watch yourself from having too much wine tasting; you don’t want to miss the other shops, do you?

Paris shopping has a lot to offer, and if you want to buy something to bring home to Paris has a wide range of shops from home decorations to accessories, and gift items. All your interests in mind, this city of lights has everything for you. There are shops or boutiques that sell both classic and the latest French products like linens, decors but importantly, fine jewelries. These are the best of France that you can take home in your bag. In addition, there are also shopping malls that are well-stocked and have lots of well-known French brands. For those who are fund of collecting antiques, the famous Puces (flea market) where treasures abound is the perfect place to find something memorable.

For most visitors to Paris, they have no idea that majority of shops are close on Sunday making your shopping very limited. So, if you want to have plenty of choices for your Paris shopping, you should accomplish your gift or souvenir buying during weekdays when most of the shops and boutiques are open.