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You might be interested how to spend the holiday in a very Norwegian way – a holiday composed of breathtaking scenic explorations and historical discoveries.

But there’s so much more with Norway style of holiday getaway.

The cabins and country cottages are very famous with Norwegian holiday makers as well as tourists. In Norwegian word, cabin is called hytte. These cabins are situated deep in the forest or by the sea. It’s all about nature and tranquility.

There are a number of different types of cabins available. There are many privately owned or managed cabins set in their unique surroundings dotted around the countryside. These types of cabins are the most luxurious. They even have their own sauna or swimming pool. Cabins and cottages by the side of the lake will often be a boat available to allow you to explore the shores or fish for your supper.

Several camp sites in Norway have cabins available to rent. These, however, vary from fully equipped or not. For fully equipped holiday homes, they have kitchens, shower, and toilet. The more basic camping cabins provide basic facilities having other amenities within a few yards or so.

Despite the cold temperature of Norway, it still has a lot to offer for holiday makers.

Skiing and winter sports are the most popular activities in Norway. However, the summer temperatures often reach the 20’s for days on end. As such, a number of resorts are available to soak up the sun on quiet beaches. But the forest and mountains are never away from you.

If you a little concern about budget, do not worry for the country has many budgeted accommodations that can suit any type of holiday maker. Norway has everything from luxury hotels to small, family operated hostels. These hotels offer a very unique interior design of old wooden furniture and structure itself giving a very nice atmosphere and ambience.

The availability of accommodations and standards of hotels vary. While some are available for very short periods, others have a minimum of one week. Standards may be extremely simple to the very luxurious. But while cabins, cottages, and hotels are available, camping in Norway is another popular activity. It has more than 1000 campgrounds classified with 1-5 stars depending on facilities.

You can sleep in a tent anywhere in forests or mountains except in cultivated fields for up to 48 hours, as long as your tent is no closer than 150 meters to the nearest house. However, it is forbidden to sleep overnight in your camper closer than 150 meters to the nearest house or cabin. Open fires are prohibited also in woods and fields from April 15-September 15. There are campgrounds with small cabins which vary from level of standard.

Norway has more than 1000 campgrounds that are classified with 1-5 stars depending on their standard and available facilities. Make sure that you’ll have enough money around NOK100 for the cost per day of camping costs NOK 80-150 plus person fee.

Norway is a year round destination during holiday. Aside from the two mentioned above, it has a lot to offer to everyone.