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The enticing Miami experience is not complete without the South Beach vacation. With the fact that USA’s Miami is known as the home of the celebrities and beaches, the South Beach is one of the factors that contribute to that popularity. If you are crazy behind spotting as well as greeting the glamorous stars, a South Beach vacation plan is a must. The great restaurants, multi-ethnic ambience, presence of superstars, and the relaxing writers in the close by Lincoln Road as well as Ocean Drive are some of the top highlights of this beach.

Coming down from the top-notch draws to the land-based pulls, you can’t leave the South Beach without surfing as well as spotting sunset vistas. With the mention of surfing, I would also like to add the fun of some more adventures on and in the waters of the Atlantic – diving, sailing, swimming, jet-skiing, dolphin as well as manatee watching, and parasailing. Are you less adventurous? Okay, never mind – you can enjoy on foot via its scenic boardwalk – a famous spot of joggers and walkers. Are you planning to come with your family including children? Do not hesitate; do bring them along for your kids will have fun exploring the different dances and marine treasures. So, how was this small trailer of an exciting South Beach vacation? Continue reading for the full film!

If you are coming to South Beach Miami, a visit to the most visited attraction is a must – art deco historic district. Welcome to the home of over 800 structures all in a small zone and decorated in alike patterns, pastel color shades, as well as neon lights. The best way to explore this is to go for a tour on Wednesday, Friday, or on weekends. Touring all alone? Okay, let the map be your guide, which is available at the Art Deco Welcome Center. Next most visited highlight is the Key Biscayne that is close to the South Beach. This is where you will find Florida-style homes of the richest folks, the finest beach with the powdery sand, great parks, nature walks, and biking trails.

Fun tends to be unlimited on the Jungle Island (Parrot Jungle Island) that is actually designated as an eco-friendly theme park. This is where you will be offered live animal shows daily, forest tours, zoos, rare species’ exhibits including that of the lofty bird crocosaurus, and much more. Kids will love these highlights!

If you love live shows and concerts, head off to the Fillmore that is nestled at The Jackie Gleason Theater that features headline performances like the comedian shows of Kathy Griffin and the Cuban Classical Ballet.

Some of the parks are really worth a visit here. One of them is Flamingo Park at the Jefferson Ave where you can play basketball, tennis, and racketball. For those who want to take a tour of the most photographed park on the beach, go to the Lummus Park on the Ocean Drive that stretches alongside the fun destinations. Take photos against the backdrop of tall palms or grassy areas, play volleyball, and follow the meandering Promenade weaves (a pedestrian walk) via the north end to the beach where it transforms into a boardwalk. Lastly, be at the South Pointe Park if you want to just relax and analyze the cruise ships passing by. By the way, this is the starting spot of the South Beach.

For those who know to ride a bike, there are many bike rental places here. I am revealing this because the beach area is best and fast explored by a bike, especially if you have less time and still want to see and do much. But, note that it is not that easy to do so on the weekends because of the crowd and traffic. You can also explore the bike tracks in the Lummus Park as well as on the Lincoln Road. Rentals are available at $30/day of 24 hours.

Pamper yourself at one of the various spas such as at The Setai, Ritz-Carlton, and Nirvana. Best accommodations are offered by the Hotel Victor, Miami Beach Resort and Spa, Wyndham Miami, and Winterhaven Hotel. Dining is good at 11th Street Diner, Big Pink, David’s café, and SHQ (vegans).