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With a St Lucia Holidays you will witness the tropical island as it rises from the eastern Caribbean Sea, with Martinique to the south and Barbados at its north-west. A St Lucia holiday is a popular honeymoon location with amazing beaches and gorgeous Caribbean sunshine, but there is much more to this island paradise than first meets the eye. There is a wealth of local traditions and crafts as well as awe-inspiring natural landscapes with exotic plants and a rainforest ideal for trekking through.

Before tourism sustained the island, St Lucia relied on exporting bananas, although before 1964 it was a producer of sugar cane. Most of the population are descended from African slaves, taken to St Lucia by the British in the 19th century to work on the sugar plantations. The French settled in the 17th century and their influence can be seen in the local dialect.
The friendly capital of St Lucia is Castries, a town alive with the noise of traffic and reggae music.

Here is a real flavour of West Indian life. There are many must-see attractions in St Lucia.

The Tet Paul Nature Trail involves a hike through some breathtaking scenery in the World Heritage Site of Chateau Belair. Hikers can admire the avocado and guava trees as well as visiting a Cassava hut and learning the art of cassava production. The views are so impressive that with the right conditions you can see the islands of St Vincent and Martinique. Nature lovers can see turtles or go on a whale-watching tour. Other ideas for visitors on a St Lucia holiday, would be to see the beauty from a different angle. The island include organised rainforest hikes, breathtaking waterfalls, tram rides through the sulphur springs, stunning botanical gardens, and for the more adventurous, wind surfing, jet skiing, para-sailing or horse riding. St Lucia has many interesting scuba diving sites,
while the Golf Resort and Country Club is ideal for those wanting to pass the time on dry land! A visit in May coincides with the famous St Lucia Jazz Festival, and Carnival happens in July, when the streets are alive with fancy dress parades and parties.
The High season for St Lucia holidays runs from mid December to mid April and prices are higher at this time. June to November is characterized by heavier rain and the odd hurricane, although there is still plenty of sunshine. Whenever you go, you will be delighted by the natural beauty of this island and the warm welcome you will receive.