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St Vincent was originally known as Hairouna (“The Land of the Blessed”) and it is not hard to see why. A st vincent holidays will allow you to witness the exclusive island with its lush tropical forests, inspiring mountains, and unspoilt beaches. It is full of secluded coves, spectacular waterfalls and breath-taking scenery. The economy centres on agriculture, and bananas and coconut palms are the main exports.

St. Vincent and The Grenadines, which together make up the country, consists of an archipelago of 32 islands and cays known as the Jewels of the Caribbean. This includes some small and uninhabited islands, famous for their beaches and fantastic sailing conditions. This is a tropical climate with the temperature averaging at around 27°c, with 8 or 9 hours of sunshine every day making it the perfect destination for a St Vincent holiday. The dry season lasts from January to May. July is usually wet, helping the island to stay green and lush. St Vincent feels more remote than its neighbouring Caribbean islands, but is in fact reachable in only 45 minutes by plane from Barbados. It holds the honour of being the only Caribbean island to make the “World’s Top Destinations for 2012″ CNN list, where it came fifth.

The inhabitants of St Vincent managed to hold off any European settlement until the 18th century, when the French began to create plantations of coffee, sugar and tobacco using African slaves to work the land. During this century the French, British and Caribs all battled for control of the island. In 1969 it became a self-governing state and in 1979 it became, along with the Grenadines, an independent member of the Commonwealth.

The bustling market city of Kingstown situated at the port is thought one of the most attractive in the Caribbean. The battlements of Fort Charlotte sit high above the cobblestone streets, with their colonial style churches and architecture. The Botanic Gardens are the oldest in the Western Hemisphere, and here you can see an original breadfruit tree which was brought to the island in 1793 by Captain Bligh after the “mutiny on the Bounty”.

There are plenty of excursions and island-hopping activities including boat trips to the Falls of Beleine or Owia Salt Pond. Nature lovers will enjoy snorkelling, and seeing the colourful residents of the pristine coral reefs, including turtles, octopus, and queen angel fish. The Vermont Nature Trails may even allow you to get up close to the rare St Vincent parrot, endemic to the island. Wallilabou Bay is a must-see: it was made famous in “The Pirates of the Caribbean” films. a St Vincent holiday is the closest you can get to a tropical island fantasy, allowing you for a few weeks at least, to live an idyllic island life.

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