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It is enough to see Strasbourg just once in order to want to reexamine it again and again. And not just because of its specificity of purely European, his futuristic buildings of the European area, but also because of all the spectacular monuments of the city and all the fresh air you can feel it through every pore because of the river which crosses it. It is said that Strasbourg is the most beautiful city in France and one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Strasbourg old town

A walk through the Strasbourg’s architectural beauty will enhance the perfect behavior of those who live or work in this city. Suffice it to observe the silence that reigns in the homes that are at a distance of 20 meters or the Parliament. Then, a stroll through Le Parc de l `Orangerie will send your mind straight to heaven. It is the largest park in Strasbourg and the favorite of the inhabitants, for a quiet walk or for taking a cold lunch.

Once leaving the park, you can step toward the center of Strasbourg, which in terms of architecture, is a city that combines the French and German styles, because over the years, when Strasbourg was not part of France, it was under the domination of Germany.

Strasbourg is surrounded by a belt river, which forms the heart of the island of Grande Ill., connected to the other districts by no more and no less than 21 bridges.

Strasbourg Cathedral

And Speaking of Ill and its 21 bridges, if you ever get the chance to travel to Strasbourg do not miss the opportunity to book a boat ride from behind the Rohan Palace. For 45 minutes, you will live a unique experience and you will even have headphones in which you are told about the history of the entire city and your eyes go through all the beauty of Strasbourg.

After such a walk, and futuristic buildings of Parliament House and all of the “European area” seems bound to take on history, even by the decisions that are based there. One thing must not be forgotten, however. Parliament Plenums are open to everyone. During the days when there are plenary sessions, dozens of groups of visitors from all over the world can attend parliamentary debates. Just as how anyone can protest in Parliament.

Strasbourg, Small France

For all these reasons, Strasbourg is a city worth visiting, regardless of the time you decide to arrange a trip. You will never be disappointed!