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Yes, I am not joking; the title itself conveys the glory of these Blue Mountains of the Caribbean island. Carrying a magical beauty and a delightful blend of the island’s legacy with the determined health care, the rich Strawberry Hill Hotel and Spa is set at an altitude of 3000 feet on a remote pinnacle surrounded by 200 coffee plantations. Accessible within 30 minutes from the airport, this unparallel paradise atop the Blue mountains is the original Caribbean experience with its Living Spa, a Main House, and 12 Georgian style cottages of the 19th century each being a private tropical refuge offering spectacular mountainside and views of the lively Kingston city, the capital of Jamaica.

Your morning begins with the lovely chirping of birds and captivating aroma of the tropical plants that whirl to your ears and nose. This exquisite hotel is actually built recently, but has maintained a balance between the traditional architecture and revitalized modern style offering you one of the best stays on this interesting island. Stretched on all the sides of the hill, the cottages are made of wood, pebbled roofs, clapboard walls, and the stunning gingerbread trim. The cool air, spa, and refreshing balconies; it’s a great hideaway from the hustling and bustling of the city life.

A Musical Legend affecting the Customers

The Strawberry Hill obtained a music maker named Chris Blackwell in 1972. This event made the hotel very famous among the music stars. So, herein, you can see many idols of music and movie industries along with the hip independent travelers and spa fans.

Regarded as among the best boutique hotels in Jamaica, the resort has many facilities to offer. It belongs to the Island Outposts group and has an amazing edge pool, good restaurant, Strawberry Hill Living Spa with sauna and plunge pool, yoga ground, gift shop, library with board games and TV, fitness room, mountain bikes, nature trails, meeting facilities, and WiFi access. In the rooms, you can find a CD player, cable TV, DVD player, mini bar, hairdryer, and coffee/tea maker.
The Spa Resort

The resort is all on the hilltop of the Strawberry Hill with a dining room and pool amidst the lawns with beautiful ambiance and views. From the capital city, it takes 40 minutes to reach here via the swaying road in the northeast corner of the capital. As you go up, the city’s stressful atmosphere is converted into an unbelievably peaceful surrounding, which is a major attraction in itself. You can see that the steep slopes are carpeted in grasses and bamboo and in coffee plantations.

Its first magical stop is the Reception that is on the right of the car parking area, which is a white clapboard building with wide windows and verandas with slim vertical barriers.

The design of the buildings of the Strawberry Hill is derived from the old plantation architecture of the island, which goes in line with the background as against the light greens of the garden and the dark greens of the mountains.

From the reception, if you go upstairs, there is a shop that offers clothes, beachwear, art items, and music CDs. It is exactly from here that a trail takes you to the spa.

Here, as usual, the focus is on wellness and in that context, you have an opportunity to go for a consultation before taking any treatment. This consulting can also direct you about your food or can ask you to do some exercises as per a fixed schedule. But, all this is only if you wish, not mandatory. All kind of treatments right from massage to de-stress techniques are available here. There are many massages like Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage along with the stone massage. Besides this, there are several beauty and body treatments such as facials, manicures and pedicures, a few body wraps, and hair treatments. So, if you have any problems regarding hair falling, aging, wrinkles, and so on, this is a better option to combat with such problems easily and relaxingly. All the treatment products are of Aveda. However, herbs like basil and lemon been grown on the land there are also utilized as they are quite effective.

For the guests, there are five treatment rooms that also include a sauna and a wet room. Further, a good outdoor relaxation area holding a pool is a good experience. The spa area is the only one at the resort with a different feel and looks as it boasts a different architecture with adobe walls and designed arches.

Oh Yes! After this, do not miss the yoga and meditation deck that is located on the far edge of the lawn facing a mountain summit.
The Terrace

From amidst the two dining rooms, wooden stairs take you down to a courtyard named the Jade Vine Terrace. Yes, here you see the hanging tropical jade vine with the blue flowers. Even if you are not planning to stay here, do not miss to this see this visually striking area. All the conferences are held here. Also, the Gold Room is available for meetings and lectures, which is off the terrace. Check out for the gold and platinum discs around the walls, which were won by Island Records revealing the story of music.

The cost starts from $195 per person. It depends on what facilities you want to avail of. There are many other schemes going on currently. Kindly check about it with the travel agent.