The Best All Inclusive Resorts of Puerto Rico

When looking for a new vacation destination, travelers should consider to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico does not only have a wide variety of activities, it also boasts a few all-inclusive resorts that can give you a activity packed vacation at a good price.

All inclusive resorts are hotels that charges one rate, which includes your accommodations, food and many activities. These all-inclusive resorts of Puerto Rico offer many benefits over other types of accommodations. For more details on Puerto Rico all inclusive resorts visit All that is possible while enjoying the beauty of Puerto Rico. Continue reading “The Best All Inclusive Resorts of Puerto Rico” »

The Most Popular US Virgin Islands Beach Resorts

US Virgin Islands, Grande Bay ResortEvery one of the three islands that comprise the U.S. Virgin Islands has its own unique personality, and altogether they give travelers a wide range of different choices. St. Thomas has numerous opportunities for shoppers and a very active nightlife.  Most of St. Johns has been preserved in a national park. St. Croix is not as loud and lively as St. Thomas, but it is also not as serene as St. John, and it has an appeal for both nature lovers and shoppers. US Virgin Islands Beach Resorts are located on all three islands.   Continue reading “The Most Popular US Virgin Islands Beach Resorts” »