Aruba Holidays: A Moment to Cherish

Aruba Holidays have taken a whole new meaning in luxury. Aruba is famous for its white sands that resemble tiny pearls. The emerald palms and clear, topaz seas serve as major attractions. Aruba is the crowning glory of the Caribbean region. Continue reading “Aruba Holidays: A Moment to Cherish” »

Cruise Vacations In Aruba

The most popular characteristics of Caribbean Islands are the warm weather and relaxed vacation atmosphere. On Aruba tourists can expect a perfect sunny weather regardless in which period of the year take trips or cruises to the Caribbean region where it is settled. Vacations in Caribbean Sea are great on any island at any time, but the best way to enjoy the tropical seas is by booking one of the many available Caribbean cruises with stopover in Aruba. Continue reading “Cruise Vacations In Aruba” »

Beach Vacations In Aruba

Beach vacations in Aruba are very popular nowadays. One of the main reasons is the fact that all inclusive resorts in Aruba belong to the cleanest and most beautiful tourist sites in the world, while a series of high-rise hotels provide some of the most rewarding Caribbean deals! On the southwestern seashore of the island travelers find one great vacation place after another, each being characterized by a distinct charm and various leisure activities. Almost all beaches in Aruba are public and the access is very easy because most accommodations are settled on or very close to it. Continue reading “Beach Vacations In Aruba” »

Snorkeling & Diving Vacations In Aruba

Snorkeling and scuba diving in Aruba are very rewarding experiences due to the spectacular wrecks and interesting coral reefs that dominate the aquatic world around this Caribbean island. To the best diving sites in Aruba belongs the area where is located the Antilles wreck – the largest sunken vessel in the entire Caribbean region! Continue reading “Snorkeling & Diving Vacations In Aruba” »

Fishing Vacations In Aruba

Aruba is a sunny island with capital at Oranjestad and lies in the southern part of Caribbean Sea, about 25 miles (17 kilometers) north to Venezuela. It is part of a group of islands named the Lesser Antilles and belongs to the Kingdom of Netherlands, and as result the Dutch influence can be seen in the names of towns, as well as in the unique language spoken there.

In Aruba are some of the most beautiful beaches in Caribbean and provides fantastic accommodation amenities in all inclusive hotels, turning simple vacations in magic life experiences! Continue reading “Fishing Vacations In Aruba” »