Baska Wellness Centre Corinthia Hotel Baška

The Atrium Residence Baška Hotel, with 18 rooms and 46 apartments of different sizes, was built in 2008. It stands right by the sea, in the central part of the popular beach in Baška. The Zvonimir Hotel, which has been completely renovated in 2003, has 70 rooms and 15 apartments, while the Corinthium Hotel comprises three interconnected buildings and has a total of 400 rooms and 31 apartments.

The Baska Tablet

The Baska tablet is probably the most famous monument of early Croatian literacy, dating from about 1100. Its size and weight are impressive: 2×1 m, 800 kg. According to Branko Fucic and Eduard Hercigonja, the language of inscription is Croatian – Chakavian with elements of liturgical Church Slavonic, and the script is Croatian Glagolitic.