More Magic in Paris than Just at Disneyland

For years Disneyland has been a symbol of magic and enjoyment for children all over the world. The mystery and adventure that precedes a trip to the famed resort on the outskirts of Paris usually ensures plenty of disturbed night’s sleep for parents. However, there is more magic to discover in the city that is likely to keep children entertained. Continue reading “More Magic in Paris than Just at Disneyland” »

Disneyland Paris

Many of the traditional rides from the California theme park were recreated (with some French twists) at the park and resort only 32 kilometers (19 miles) outside Paris.

There’s the familiar Pirates of the Caribbean, on which the recent films were based and the love-it-or-hate-it It’s A Small World ride, along with dozens more. The Legend of the Lion King show regularly sells out, so get tickets in advance.

Affectionately known as DLP by Mouseketeers the world over, Disneyland Paris is a cornucopia of rides, restaurants, exhibits and all out fun for everyone. And in the last few years the fun has been doubled as Disney added the Walt Disney Studios park to an already jam packed adventure. Continue reading “Disneyland Paris” »