Skiing in Sweden

As it is winter, the possibility an active holiday out in the snow may be on your mind, a chance to let go of all the stresses of your working life and experience something different and unique. In that case, do something different and go to the north of Sweden where you can swish down long systems of slalom slopes through bare mountains above the tree limit, glide down into quiet and mysterious forests, stop to rest in cabins with log fires blazing and enjoy all the other aspects of wintertime activities in an amazing landscape! There are a lot of fantastic places to choose from, but the absolute favorite among the ski resorts of Sweden is Åre, with a long tradition harking back to medieval times as a stop on the pilgrimage to Saint Olavs tomb in Nidaros. In the 19th century the pure air and untouched nature began to attract visitors, so-called “air guests” from all over Europe. Hiking through the mountains in summer, and skiing in winter quickly developed Åre to what it is today – a top resort with all the facilities you could wish for. Here, the ski slopes range from the easiest possible for beginners to the really difficult ones for the pros. Continue reading “Skiing in Sweden” »