Sweden tourism

Sweden is a country that is well known for its weather. Even in Stockholm, the biggest city, the culture and the day to day life is based around the weather that they have. There are many things to do indoors in the bigger cities in Sweden, such as Stockholm, indoor attractions such a museums and other attractions can be quite popular at all times of the year. And there are quite a few museums in Sweden to visit as well. Whether you are in to culture, history, or art, you will find a museum that caters to your taste somewhere in Sweden.

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What to do in Örebro

Örebro, the city near the western tip of lake Hjälmaren in the region of Närke,  is  number six in size in Sweden with about 100.000 inhabitants. Swedish cities may be small by European (or international) standards, but they are packed with interesting things to see and to do – and Örebro is no exception.

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Holiday in Scandinavia: Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki

Lands of fjords and the midnight sun, Scandinavia is a realm where ancient sagas spring to life, stave churches cling to hills on forlorn shorelines, and the legacy of the Vikings still lingers.

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