Things to do in Paris free of charge

Excluding the flight from London to Paris the “City of Lights” can be an expensive place to visit. However, for travellers who are curbing costs due to the current difficult economy, it is possible to spend several days there at little cost. On the Boulevard St. Michel or in front of the Pompidou Centre visitors to the city can enjoy the skills and antics of various street entertainers. Continue reading “Things to do in Paris free of charge” »

Paris by Night Tours

Paris is one of the tourist destinations of the world because of its historical landmarks and monuments. You will surely appreciate the magnificence of each tourist spots if explored in daytime. But, there is more when nighttime comes. By the time the museums are illuminated, you will feel the sudden change of atmosphere. The night will become more romantic because of the effect of the lights. Therefore, Paris is called the City of Lights. Continue reading “Paris by Night Tours” »