France National Parks

What is your opinion about viewing some of the natural beauties that France has on offer for you? It is time for you to get away from the concrete jungles of the cities and take a stroll through the national parks of France. There are a total of nine such parks in this country and they are briefly covered below: Continue reading “France National Parks” »

France UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Visiting France and departing from there without examining its world heritage sites would not be fair since they are some of the most important landmarks of the country. Given below are brief details of those sites. Continue reading “France UNESCO World Heritage Sites” »

What to do in Lille

Lille is one of the most scenic cities of France, which offer a myriad of tourist attractions. The city is dotted with cobbled squares and narrow lanes bordered with old houses, trendy boutiques exquisite mansions, grand restaurants and cafes. Continue reading “What to do in Lille” »

What to do in Val de Marne

Val de Marne is a department located in the Ile de France region, close to Paris, and named after the Marne River that runs through the area. Although the region is popular with commuters, Val de Marne is not just home to new towns and motorways into Paris. You can enjoy walks by the riverside, visit historic chateaux or spend some time at the area’s famous rose garden. Continue reading “What to do in Val de Marne” »

City breaks in France

The beautiful city of Strasbourg lies to the east of France and borders Germany – thus it has elements of both French and German culture. The city plays a prominent role in European Political Administration, as it is the home of the European Parliament, and home to many diplomats and impressive buildings with conference centres. Continue reading “City breaks in France” »

Top 10 places to visit in France

France is famous for romance, wine and art. So if you are in the mood for some love and culture your trip to France is going to be magnifique. The country is absolutely beautiful. Romance intoxicates the air you breathe and it will make you fall in love with everything and everyone you meet. Continue reading “Top 10 places to visit in France” »