The Cathedral in Zagreb

At the start of the 20th century Zagreb’s metropolitan church finally gets its current appearance with two slender towers, a high roof, new columns in the tabernacle and a new altar, and it is these days getting a new modern lighting design, “signed” by world famous lighting expert Youri Agabekov who lit the Vatican and the Louvre in Paris.

Zagreb Hotel Regent Esplanade is among the best hotels in Southern Europe

Zagreb hotel The Regent Esplanade is located in the centre of Zagreb, and was opened in 1925. It was built for the accommodation of wealthier visitors to Zagreb who arrived here with the orient Express. Hotels have been ranked on the basis of a series of elements – accommodation, service, location, quality of food and beverages and design, and almost 33 thousand readers participated in the evaluation.

Zagreb Contemporary Art Museum

Zagreb Contemporary Art Museum contains several collections – paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphics, posters, photography, film and video and the media art collection. The museum is also in charge of the Richter collection, numbering 182 works of art, the Josip Seissl collection, numbering 1,258, the Benko Horvat collection with 611, the Toše Dabac archive numbering 200,000 items and the Ivan Kožarić collection with 6,000 items.The overall size of the museum is 14,500 square meters, 3,500 of which is intended for the permanent exhibition, 1,500 for temporary exhibitions and 700 for exhibitions on the roof. The museum features a multimedia hall, library, pedagogical hall, museum store with book-store, cafe, restaurant, suites for visiting artists and curators and a 725 square meter lobby.

Little Croatia Theme Park, Zagreb

“Little Croatia” is the name of a recently introduced project, a theme park to be built in New Zagreb within the next two years, between Islandska Street and the Avenue of Većeslav Holjevac. Spread over 12 hectares, each Croatian county will have its own “corner” of 5,000 square meters on which buildings, parks and other …