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Meet here one of what can be described as an absolutely beautiful city which shows almost empty sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. The air here is heavily scented with the aroma of blossoms and nectar from the different plantations of fruit trees, and almost hidden in the panoramic hills covered with fig and almond trees, you can see the traditional highly decorated whitewashed cottages sending their textured chimneys above their roofs.

This was a fishing town for more than two millenia. But changes have occurred. The old town which was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake was rebuilt along both sides of the river Galâo and now with a population of more than 20,000 this city is a welcoming tourist city.

Tavira sea channel

Here you have a choice of several excellent beaches, some of which are on a long island, easily accessible by boat, in the river estuary. You can choose between a more remote peaceful place on the beaches or you take to the warm Waters with all the other tourists.

Perhaps you might want to expend some more energy. Then you can visit any of the challenging golf courses here. There is one for the less professional. They are really excellent, well planned, and as you go up from low to high ground or vice versa, you can either take in the breath-taking views of what lies beyond the mountains or look over the blue estuary of the river entering the Atlantic ocean.

Tavira Santiago church

Accommodation here is easy to obtain. There is a great variety of hotels from one to four star standards complete with their own large swimming pools, or you can rent one of thefamily sized houses or chalets at a reasonable price for the duration of your stay. There are more than four hundred of such houses available here.

What you will notice immediately is the traditional ‘platibandas’ or mortar borders painted with different motifs, around the doors, walls windows and chimneys of some of the traditional whitewashed houses. You will notice how some of the houses are almost hidden in small spaces . You will be interested to visit some of the local churches which show some maginificient treasures and paintings in their architecture.

golf course on the coastline in Tavira, Algarve

On display you will see some of the many artifacts which were made by the women or men during the long winter evening. You will admire the simplicity and intricity of the doormats, baskets, hats, and the old style egg-baskets. You will Love to examine the fishing nets made by the men or the wrought iron works of the blacksmiths. You cannot but see the old horse-carts and harnesses which have been renewed and ,now restored and redecorated, remind one of the means of transport before the age of trucks on our streets.