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For  a magnificent location the restaurant at the tower of Eiffel  is matchless. It is surrounded by an all glass wall that creates a remarkable 360 degree view of the Eiffel tower. You will get a lifetime chance to see the splendid  structure closely something that sets the restaurant apart from other Parisian restaurants. Something worth noting is the fact that it was renamed to 58 Tour Eiffel and that we have another restaurant to make two the number of restaurants next to the tower something that may sound confusing to a first time visitor to this area of Paris.

The other restaurant found here is the Le Jules Verne which boasts offering traditional French food coupled with modern twists. The restaurant is set on the second floor  of the Eiffel tower and is a great place for those who are not afraid of heights. It is important to note that the 58 tour Eiffel is located on level one.

These two restaurants have risen through the years to become an important part of Parisian culture as well as a tourist attraction thanks to the Eiffel tower. You have not had a full experience of the Eiffel tower if you don’t visit these remarkable restaurants. The restaurants offer a romantic atmosphere and the ambience is superb for couples who want a blissful mood to wind away their day, whether it is on a weekend or any other day. There are a number of packages meant to make your visit to the restaurant unforgettable .Visitors may dine in the restaurant  then take a cruise down the beautiful seine river as you as you get treated to awesome landmarks .You will also be treated to a spectacle at Moulin Rouge .

The restaurant has played host to thousands of couples who come to spend their time their or new couple coming for their proposal. From the restaurant’s comfort you will be able to sample the beauty of the Parisian skyline at night. You will be able to attest to the notion that Paris is indeed the lit city.

What a better way to treat your family than to bring them over to the Eiffel restaurant take them sightseeing on a cruise on the river scene then have lunch with them at the Paris tower. Trust me they wont want to go back home after the experience at the Eiffel restaurant.