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A tiny Island on the Yucatan Peninsula, near Cancun is called the Island Of Women. I wonder were there only women who found this island or only women lived her. But let’s not discuss this. We are here to find the wonders this place has in store for a nice vacation package. Even this place finds mention in the Mayan History. The Mayan considered it a sacred place, where the Goddess of fertility, the moon, love and medicine, Ix Chel used to reside. This is the perfect choice for the visitor who seeks sand, sun and fun of the Caribbean Coast. This Island still remains to be more of a fishing village where the life goes on at a very slow pace.

Here you still will see the fishermen departing in the morning and returning in the evening with lots of sea fishes which would serve your dinner at the many restaurants and hotels. This area is very colourful and is always vibrating in festive mood. The white sand beaches here are full of water sport activities and also a perfect spot for relaxing and chilling out. Even the locals here can be seen indulged in water based adventure playing volleyball and trying scuba diving.

Many visitors come to this beautiful island on a ferry ride from Cancun and get lost in the exquisite beauty of this island. One more attraction of this place is the annually held Whale shark festival. This festival is meant to be a pioneer in the fight for preserving the marine ecosystem. The ferries which bring the visitors from Cancun to the Island when they take back them in the evening, the Island again gets back to its serene and tranquil state. But those who want to get marooned in the serene ambience; they stay back and let themselves loose.

The visitors make the market a hive of commercial activity as they roam here and there, shopping, eating, drinking and indulging in a bargain taking the souvenir and local craft items. This is an ideal destination for those who are planning to add a new chapter in your life and are planning for honeymoon. Even for the families who want to spend quality time with each other and just want to rush from the maddening crowds, will find this place ultimate. This place is just perfect for snorkelling, diving, swimming and enjoying the scenic beauty of white sand beaches.