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Alsace was preferred by the conquerors and armies, as well as by tourists during the recent years. One must admit that the region is very beautiful, offering great white wines and delicious food.

Strasbourg is the most important city in the area and one of the most beautiful ones in the entire country. Located on the banks of the Rhine, close to Germany, it features a mixture of French and German styles. Whenever you visit, you will notice that Strasbourg combines the best of both worlds. With Strasbourg as a starting point, you can arrange a great number of day trips and include many sites in your itinerary, including smaller towns. Some of the most beautiful ones are Ungersheim, Riquewihr and Colmar, in their entire splendor.

Because of the cathedral and some of the houses were built back in the XVII and XVII century, Strasbourg keeps an actual atmosphere of a free city from the times when the Roman Empire ruled the continent. On the other hand, since there are also numerous elegant buildings and mansard roofs, the city also becomes similar to many French cities. After Paris, Strasbourg is nowadays one of the most important cities when it comes to the French diplomacy. Finally, because of the excellent public transportation network, the French city of Strasbourg can be surely called “the tram city”.

The ideal distance is defined by the fact that Strasbourg is far enough from the capital for being independent in terms of its culture. It has its own opera and one of the biggest national theaters from outside Paris. Other things worth mentioning about are the two international major music festivals and the only TV station that broadcasts in two languages in the old continent, Arts.

The heart of the town is represented by the area known as Grande Ile, which is surrounded by a river and an impressive canal. However, one of the most dominant features of this city is the worldwide famous cathedral of Notre Dame. Nearby there is also the palace of Gutenberg, Johannes Gutenberg, where he invented and perfected his famous invention, the moving letter printing press.

All in all, this is one of the most beautiful areas France has to offer and whenever you have the chance to visit it, you should know that a car ride through the countryside and a stop at one of the castles where you can taste and buy wines is one of the best ways to spend your days in this wonderful region.