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The French region known under the name of Île-de-France includes over 1,200 cities and no less than 8 departments. It is also the administrative center of one of the most famous cities in the world, the French capital of Paris, and hosts many attractions for visitors, regardless of their age.


First of all, in terms of climate, you should expect a temperate Atlantic one, with mild winters and summers. Because of this, regardless of the time of your visit, you will always enjoy your time in Île-de-France because there will be something to do for everyone.


Île-de-France is most famous for being the first touristic destination in the world. Nowadays, this splendid location offers a variety of cultural and historical sites that should not be ignored, especially if you always enjoy travelling. Whenever you decide to visit, you will have the chance to discover more than 1,000 years of history in a time that is usually less than an hour.


In addition to the classic sites that attract tens of millions of tourists every year, there are also a great number of music festivals and live shows organized in Île-de-France. For example, the ones known under the name of Solidays and Rock en Seine will always impress you, and so will the cinemas and theatres that will enable you to cultivate yourself and know more about the area.


Next, what is also worth mentioning about this French region is the fact that 80 percent of its surface is covered in green space and it even includes water streams that are favorable to navigation and similar activities. In terms of the attractions, the four regional natural parks will most definitely impress you, providing you with numerous itineraries for spending a special day in Île-de-France.


Finally, the area also hosts the most beautiful villages in France. In here, every visitor can taste the most delicious local products, including honey from Gâtinais, Montmorency cherries and many others. Currently, Île-de-France is in strong competition against Greater London as the region with the most international companies as well.


All in all, because of the numerous attractions, the impressive number of inhabitants and care for the environment, Île-de-France is worth visiting if you ever plan to travel to France. You will never regret giving it a chance and you will always enjoy everything it has to offer for you as a visitor.