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When visiting the City of Lights, you should know that there is something to see and to for everyone, regardless of whether you have visited Paris before or not. The following lines will provide you with information related to some of the most important attractions that you should not miss whenever you get the chance to travel to this famous city.

First of all, a great suggestion and the perfect starting point is the Notre Dame cathedral. Even though it is not the largest cathedral in the world, it is certainly the most famous one. This piece of gothic art is located on one of the smallest islands of the city, right in its heart.

Paris Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame Cathedral was completed in 1345, as the construction was difficult. An overwhelming building was obtained, 128 meters long and including 69 feet high towers. The Bell Tower is one of the most spectacular ones and was built in the 19th century.

Next, Grand Palais is one of the most famous sights in Paris, because of the impressive glass roof. It is mostly famous for being the work of three famous architects. However, its story says that the one who actually implemented it was the architect Charles Girault, who was then given a free hand for handling the design of the Petit Palais (Little Palace) as well.

The building is a combination of classic stone facade, iron art and nouveau style glass. In the Grand Palais you can find no less than three different areas, each with a separate entrance: Palais de la Decouverte (a science museum), which is located on Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, National Galeries du Grand Palais (exhibition hall) which is accessible from the market Clemenceau and Nef du Grand Palais (events hall) which can be accessed from Winston Churchill Avenue (across from the Petit Palais).

Finally, because of the numerous internationally known companies, and of the hundreds of boutiques, completed by the theatres, cinemas and restaurants can make your day in Paris more animated and enjoyable. Many important events take place on this well-known avenue, such as military parades celebrating the French National Day on July 14 or events in the New Year and the end of the most prestigious cycling race, Tour de France.

All in all, you will always find something interesting to do around ParisĀ  France and by reading the information presented to you in this article you will hopefully have a clearer idea about what you should do.